Gastro-Intestinal tract in humans


What is Gastroendoscopy?


Gastroendoscopy is the visualization of oesophagus (aka food pipe), stomach, upper part of duodenum through a Gastroendoscope. It is also known as Oesophagogastrodudenoscopy and Upper GI gastroendoscopy.


Gastroendoscopy is an out patient procedure which means the patient can go home straight after the completion of this procedure.



What is a Gatroendoscope?


Gastroendoscope is a highly sophisticated instrument which is having a shaft of 9mm in diameter. It has got a fibre optic bundles passed through the shaft to transmit the light to the tip and the image to the endoscopist.


The adaptation of endoscopes to video monitoring system has been developed to use in computer chip technology and now it is in routine use in all endoscopy suites.



What are the symptoms which could suggest the requirement of a Gastroendoscopy?


  1. Heartburn
  2. Acid regurgitation
  3. Dysphasia (Difficulty in deglutition)
  4. Water brash (watering regurgitation in the mouth)
  5. Excessive burping and hiccupps
  6. Nausea
  7. Vomiting
  8. Pain in the abdomen
  9. Constant feeling of fullness of the abdomen
  10. Distention of the abdomen



How can Gastroendoscopy help in medical diagnosis?


During routine upper GI endoscopy the entire oesophagus, stomach and prioximal duodenum are examined. And it is very useful in making the diagnosis of:

  1. Oesophageal cancer
  2. Oesophageal varices
  3. Gastric ulcer
  4. Gastric polyp
  5. Cancer of the stomach
  6. Duodenal ulcer and
  7. Any space occupying region in the upper GI system



What do patients need to do for a Gastroendoscopy procedure?


Patient has to be fasted for 6 or more hours to ensure an empty stomach. And it is being done by giving a topical anaesthetic. The anaesthetic is applied to the pharynx (throat) to numb the gag reflex. Sedation may be required before the procedure.



What does a Gastroendoscopy report look like?


An illustration of a summary report and the accompanying video are provided through the links below for reference. The video is a real time recording taken whilst the procedure was being conducted.


  • Sample Report
  • Real-time video recording (sample)


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Sample Gastroendoscopy Report
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