Lax vagina can be retightened to remove the laxity which develops due to ageing or pregnancies. Vaginal cavity is narrowed to improve self-esteem and sex life. The procedure takes about an hour. It is performed as a daycare procedure.There is virtually no bleeding during the entire procedure. Vaginoplasty is a very satisfying surgery and gives long lasting results.



Labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery in women to make the labia majora and/or labia minora to look beautiful, normal in size and symmetrical on both sides. Often in many women the labia are very large on both or one side. Most commonly one or both lips of labia minora may get elongated and 'fan' shaped and may project out of the labia majora. This makes them unsightly and cosmetically unacceptable. It also becomes a source of embarrassment with their sexual partner and causes loss of self-esteem. Labiaplasty can restore them to their normal cosmetic status.



Hymenoplasty surgery is done to restore the lost/torn hymen for cultural or religious reasons.It is again a daycare procedure. Hymen is a thin skin like pinkish membrane situated just inside the vagina about half an inch inside. It is in fact part of the vulva which is the gateway to vagina. In virgins it may be like a small oval opening into the vagina. It may be torn due to intercourse, injuries or use of tampons.