At TMC we strive to provide you with every possible comfort of a home. We make you feel special right from the day you conceive till the day you deliver making it the most memorable and cherished memory of your life. We offer professional counselling and care throughout pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood. We provide you with continuing support and information on all pregnancy issues and questions, and parenting. You will have a variety of choices to help you give birth with little or no pain. If necessary, the option of anesthesia, epidural (explained below) is also available. We will be at your side throughout labour and childbirth. We will observe the progress of birth and the wellbeing of mother and child. The foetal heartbeat is monitored by the most recent technology.


After the birth you will have time for yourself to peacefully greet and welcome your child and establish the first precious bonding. We then measure, weigh and bathe the child together and do a medical examination in your presence. This will be followed with a celebration in which you, your family and the entire staff will rejoice the coming of your precious little one.


Epidural Anaesthesia

Epidural is a kind of anaesthetic (medication to block pain). It is commonly used during labour and delivery because it numbs your lower body while allowing you to remain awake. During an epidural, anaesthesia is injected into the area around your lower spine outside the spinal fluid. Within minutes, your body becomes partly numb from about the waist down. You may lose muscle control in your legs, but you can usually still push during contractions. An epidural is usually not started until you're in active labor. You'll be asked to sit on the edge of the bed or lie on your side. First a small area around your lower spine is numbed with a local anesthetic. The anaesthesiologist then inserts a needle into the epidural space. A tiny plastic tube (catheter) is threaded through the needle. The needle is removed, and the anaesthetic is delivered through the catheter. Sometimes a pump is attached to the catheter. The pump gives you a constant level of anaesthetic throughout labor and delivery.


During this time, your blood pressure and heart rate and your baby's heart rate are also closely watched.


Cesarean Section

For Cesarean births, you will also find a family-centered approach. Your nurse will remain with you during the preparation, birth and recovery after your delivery. After your baby is born, a paediatrician will perform your baby's first health exam in the delivery room with you. We make every effort to have healthy moms and babies recover together.