Acidity or Gas Formation (in the stomach)

One of most common complaints from patients is of acidity which is colloquially referred to as gas in the stomach. It leads to a great discomfort and is predominantly a result of consuming processed foods regularly such as read-to-eat meals, eating out at restaurants and fast food joints, consumption of oily food, alcohol, tea, coffee in excess and/ or mental stress.


This problem can be solved simply by changing the food habits and regular yoga or meditation. Other remedies include regular morning walk for atleast 30 minutes, avoiding smoking and alcohol, good sleeping routine at night, avoiding stress and 2 hours gap after dinner before going to bed.


Medicines are also of help but we do not advise taking them lifelong. For further consultation please book an appointment with one of our highly experienced doctors by calling us on 0091-11-26680759 or emailing us at