29th Feb 2012 (patient details anonymized for data protection)


"I went to meet Dr. Deepa Gupta recently for a routine check up and was diagnozed with a HPV infection. I wasn't sure of how bad my condition was and Dr. Gupta advised on cryogenic treatment right away due to dysplasia found in my cervical region accompanied by bleeding around the areas. Though I felt very tense and nervous at that time, I entrusted Dr. Gupta in recommending the necessary. I completely trusted her and requested her to do all that she thought was medically necessary. I underwent Crygenic therapy (performed by Dr. Deepa Gupta) that same day. Following this, a pap smear test was conducted and I was completely healed from this dreadful desease! I feel extremely happy and content with the treatment given by Dr.Deepa Gupta. Words are not enough to show how thankful I am for the moral and medical support from her which if delayed could lead me to a higher risk of my health. It is my first experience to meet a doctor who examine me for the first time but knows my problem and what is need to be done. Dr Deepa Gupta will never be far from my heart and I wish her all the good things in life she truly deserve.


May God bless her and her generations."